Since graduating from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Zak has edited short films, commercials, trailers, promos, and music videos for numerous artists across a wide variety of genres. Most recently, he has completed promo work on Unravel, the new game from Coldwood Interactive and Electronic Arts, launching in Spring 2016. With Dating Daisy beginning its festival circuit, Zak now adds feature films to his list of completed work.

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Tech Support: Beware o’ CUDA

In a previous blog post I resolved an issue with Premiere crashing upon startup, by installing CUDA. Now, I’m resolving an issue with Premiere crashing in the middle of a workflow by (un)installing CUDA. Downgrading, […]

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Capture Trailer Headed to AFM

I just finished the trailer for Neel Upadhye’s film Capture, which is heading to AFM this year.


Tech Support: Premiere Pro CS6 Crashes on Startup

If you’re like me and you’re migrating your editing workflow from Final Cut Pro 7 to Premiere Pro CS6, you may have encountered an extremely discouraging bug. Any time you try to preview/scrub clips from […]

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